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What are Senior Scams?

Analyzing fraud schemes that affect seniors

Like it or not, you are a target! Every minute of every hour of every day there are scam artists around the world developing news ways to try and take your money. Technology has only made it easier and more profitable by opening doors to an endless supply of victums around the globe. Every time you pick up the phone, go to your mailbox, or open your e-mail, you are vunerable.

The good news is a careful consumer can avoid many of the most common scams. Most tricks to take your money require your participation. If you don't participate, the tricks can't succeed. It is difficult, however, to recognize these tricks and choose not to participate when the swindlers have years of practice and planning in perfecting their craft. What makes these scams so frustrating and devastating is the simple fact of human nature; most people are good natured and trusting and try to believe the best about others. But, those sly criminals are out there, and they're doing billions of dollars worth of damage to businesses and individuals every year.

In this course, you will earn to recognize many of the most common scamming, defrauding and pilfering techniques that are being used today. It's impossible to learn them all beacause the techniques change with the times, but there are themes and similarities that will help you pick out fraud no matter what form it takes.

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